Spray Foam Insulation

What is Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray Foam is a type of insulation that is condensed in a pressure sensitive container that allows the foam to expand when sprayed. Used between the exterior of homes and the interior drywall, attics, holes, and cracks, this insulation is versatile and less messy than standard insulation.

The Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Some of the major benefits of using spray foam insulation is that it is easily accessible at home improvement stores such as Lowe’s or Home Depot and can be used on a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) basis. This particular product is easy to store when done with its initial use for future instances when needed.

The Environment and Energy Conservation

For environmentally-savvy individuals looking for an economical and energy effective way to insulate their homes, spray foam insulation may be the answer. Studies have shown drastic decreases in energy bill amounts when using this insulation for the home. Some studies have recorded a difference of 30-50% savings to the homeowner or utility bill payer. This is an economical way to cut costs in more than one way.

The Cons of Spray Foam Insulation

The negative side to using this type of insulation is that if used incorrectly, the repairs can be very costly. Mistakes aren’t typical when this type of insulation is applied by professionals, but for the DIY’er, be wary. For small home projects, you shouldn’t run into incidental errors of use. The projects are usually simple in nature and the system used to apply the foam is equally simple. For larger products, it is best to seek advisement from a professional insulation company as it may end up costing you more to do it yourself if you were to run into problems or difficult areas.

The Overall Consensus

The ease of application, affordability of purchase, the accessibility, and the energy savings have been proven to establish a wonderful working relationship between spray foam insulation and any project you need to insulate. While it is always recommended to have a professional install this insulation for large areas, it is just as easily applied by the homeowner for small projects that need immediate attention. With that in mind, if you have plumbing, air duct, attic, and seal issues, consider this energy saving product for your solution. If you’re remodeling your home and don’t have the patience, time, or desire to mess with regular insulation, or if you’re having your home built from the ground up and this insulation is an option, it would be best to research this product further and learn the many benefits of using this type of insulation for your home. Energy conservation is a huge part of contributing to the overall health of the environment and your community. Even though this insulation will benefit you most, it will make a difference in the amount of energy used and offer a long term solution to your home projects. This type of insulation is also fantastic for the larger building structures used by businesses, schools, and organizations that require larger amounts of insulation while saving money in the most conventional ways possible.

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